1. Wealthy family
This means that one should be born in a wealthy family. The main source of income can be from real estates, interest from bonds and also dividends from stock. One
can also be a controller of various media outlets and also be influential. For instance in the Wall Street.
2. Exceptional Intelligence
Other than being born to it, one has to prove his or her intelligence by attending the right schools and also form the right networks. One has to be perceived as the man or woman who is liked by many people. It is also important for one to take care of the other family members. Not that it is to maintain their social standard, but because they can increase competition. A good
example is David Rockefeller who is in the oil and banking industry.
3. Serve the cult
In case one is not born in a wealthy family, one can join if he or she is useful or also indispensable. This means that one should have attended reputable school that can
enhance networking with the right people.
Some of these schools include; Oxford, Yale and Harvard among a few others around the world — “I don’t think any Nigerian school fits this category”. This means that one has to be very good in a certain field. This is because if one is very bright, there are high chances that he or she will become very influential.
4. Taking it
If one does not qualify from the above categories, then he or she can still be able to join the Illuminati by becoming a billionaire
and use the funds to increase his orher influence. One can gain influence if he or she is the head of a monopoly especially on the basic necessities which can include water and also oil. One other way to increase influence can be by investing and owning media outlets which will provide one with the chance to join the inner society of Illuminati.
5. Luck
One’s lifestyle would definitely change in case he or she was worth more than $1 million. To get such wealth in form of money and property, it would take one a lifetime and the chances are also less to hit such a target. How are the existing millionaires able to sustain such a lifestyle? First of all, luck always plays a major role. For this reason, one has to embrace the power of luck with all his or her heart. This is because wealth, fortune and happiness are brought by luck both good and bad. Not everybody is lucky and this is the reason why one has to admit to the power of luck in order to get a shot on becoming wealthy in life. Luck is productive if it is realistic. Therefore, one should perceive luck as a continuum which can influence luck in a positive way to better the financial worth. Luck can also be blind where one is able to amass wealth without
necessarily putting effort. For instance, winning a million dollars in a lottery. One
other form of blind luck is successfully joining the Illuminati. Many people have tried and failed.
 -How To Join The Illuminati – How To Join Illuminati – Join Illuminati
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